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Blending the science and art to play better golf


Golf practice and player development are going through a period of tremendous change, and technology is a central component in that transformation. The mapping of swing DNA is now possible, as is the quantification and comparison of swing feel vs. real. Technology also empowers us to monitor granular swing changes over time. These are just a few, compelling examples of how to unleash talent more effectively.


For the first time in golf history, 3D swing data is now available to everyone. Previously, this complex, game changing information had only been accessible to those with a deep understanding of biomechanics and the ability to interpret kinematic sequence graphs.

Blast Motion

Blast Golf captures putting and full swing information using a swing & stroke analyzer that goes on the end of the club and is able to measure swing tempo, backstroke time, forward stroke time, backswing length, and much more.


CoachNow provides a one-stop hub for active learning, performance tracking and building stronger coach and athlete relationships. I use CoachNow in each lesson to expand our relationship beyond the lesson. CoachNow is a free app that you can use to view all of our lesson notes and videos.